As a wedding planner I know, the weddings are always full of last minute adrenaline rush. However, some weddings are filled with more roller coaster moments than other. The wedding I had organized Saturday 8th July of a wonderful couple who came down all the way from New York. They trusted Sugarvents with the most important day of their lives. I had come up to their expectations. Read ahead to know more about my latest adrenaline rush wedding story.
On July 7th, like any other wedding eve, I slept less, with my mind re-checking the checklist. Like other days where I snooze my alarm a couple of times, on July 8th, I got up even before the alarm went off. I was set for a beautiful bright sunny day. 

The wedding in the morning was scheduled at Balbianello and everything went perfect. 
Claudia Newman-Martin looked stunning and Matt Murphy looked so handsome. Everything went according to the plan. Now, the party had to move from Balbianello to Villa Lario in Mandello del Lario in for evening cocktails and the dinner. I reached earlier, I gave the last minute touches which I always give and I am a little finicky about. After having a glance, I was looking forward to pat the back of my team for their wonderful work.

It was a beautiful sunny day, I know I am repeating that it was a bright sunny day and as you could see also in the pics but it didn’t stay like that for long. Claudia and Matt reached by the boat to Villa Lario.

As, they danced and kissed each other lost in the beauty of the moment and their eyes sparkling with the promises of the future, I too was enjoying the surreal moment and lost in beautiful memories of my wedding day, when my drive down the memory lane was disturbed by the roar of the clouds.

I believe rain came to witness and bless the beautiful couple, but the wedding planner in me got nervous. The dinner was laid out in the open. I've experienced such things before also but the experienced perfectionist in me knew I need to take things in my hand really quick. I heard another roar of the clouds and I knew I had to be quicker. I looked at Claudia and Matt, their face filled with joy and I knew even before the trace of anxiety or fear could ruin their special moments, things were to be taken under control. I knew they have come from New York and they entrusted me to make their wedding as magical as they had always dreamt of. Their faith in me and that twinkle in their eyes became the strength of my team and me.
I can’t thank enough my hard-working team and the supportive and collaborative team of Villa Lario. A special thanks to Raffaella Di Gennaro, Erika Giacomello and Luca Manzoni. In 5-10 minutes we moved all the dinner in closed area. Then I told Claudia and Matt about the storm. I got one of most fav compliment, review. They didn’t seem to be scared or didn’t question even for a minute my skills. When your clients trust you so much it does wonders to your confidence and contentment. Everything after that went perfect. 
Now, when I write this blog, I often wonder how the trust, hope of my clients make me strong in those not so perfect moments. Of course what also matter is the staff of the venue. Like in this case, the collaborative staff of Villa Lario del Mandello del Lario. 
SugarEvents wishes Claudia and Matt a blessed married life. Love from Daniela Galimberti.